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Mango Warehouse opens the door for UPF students

-Maren Juliane-

15 students and logistics professor Helena are meeting at 9 o´ clock on a wonderful day at the entrance of UPF. The minibus is already waiting to take them to see something that most of us have never seen: A warehouse with all its automated systems and complex processes. And not just a warehouse, but the warehouse from MANGO. An international brand with more than 2.700 shops worldwide and a history that began in Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona´s most famous shopping street, in 1984. And we had the chance to see the warehouse that delivers all these 2.700 shops in more than 105 countries worldwide. And I can tell you it is easier said than done! Seguir leyendo “Mango Warehouse opens the door for UPF students”

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Evaluation of the Blog results

-Blog Coordinators-

First of all, we would like to thank you for your hard effort and excellent contribution on the blog. We have enjoyed reading all the interesting articles, exercises and interviews provided. But it seems that we were not the only ones, since our blog has been visited not only by a lot of people from outside the Uni, but also by netizens from all around the World. In the graph below you can see the percentage of visits from other countries.

The percentages have been calculated with respect to the total number of visits from other countries than Spain. All those countries account for a 5% on the total number of visits.

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-Xènia Berrio-

Proposed exercise:

A hospital maintains in stock a resuscitation device that has a normal distribution. The average demand during the delivery period is 350 devices and the standard deviation is 10 devices. They decide to maintain a level of security stock that guarantees a level of service of 95%. The lead time is 2 days.

  1. What is the security stock to keep?
  1. What is the reorder point?


-Xènia Berrio-

Proposed exercise:

A consumer goods Company seeks to determine the daily routes to get its products to its customers from the distribution center. The data of average customer demand and distance between distribution center and each customer are indicated in the table below. Each vehicle can handle up 12 tons of load. Use the savings method to solve the problem. (más…)

Vision picking at DHL – Augmented reality in logistics

-Larissa Risseeuw-

Hello everyone, I would like to share the following video with you :

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3PL services

-Raimon Martí Mestres-

Nowadays, some businesses are trying to outsource the supply chain of logistics teams, to send the job of logistics overseas. This means to take a third-party logistics service, also called 3PL.

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How technology is transforming logistics

-Eduard Franco-

This interesting article shows how recent consumption trends are reshaping logistics in order to adapt to our actual environment. It focuses on how IT companies are entering the logistics world providing software-based solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and Internet of Things.

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Hyperloop: the future of transportation

-Neus Guasch-


What would happen if transporting goods from Barcelona to Madrid lasted less than 40 minutes?

That could soon be a reality thanks to “hyperloop”, a system of land transport with a speed of more than 1.200 kilometers per hour. A really huge progress for the distribution and transportation of goods which could make much more faster and efficient the travels between cities.

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Fresh: the Ulabox and Comprea weapon to stop Amazon

-Neus Guasch-

Amazon has arrived strongly to the online market of fresh products, but there were others before Amazon. In this context, fresh fish is one of the secret weapons of groups such as Ulabox or Comprea to face the giant of the e-commerce in Spain with a differentiated offer in the online supermarket sector that Amazon cannot match.

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