This is a blog from the students of the Business Logistics class in Pompeu Fabra University. It has been created as a tool to develop our knowledge in the Business Logistics field. We want to be more aware of the global news in the economic sector, specifically those which are related to the logistics in the business.

What we want to make of this blog is a community where people engage in an active conversation and where every participant shares different opinions and creates original debates. This is why we introduced the section Community. It will enable us to create debates as well as share class notes in such a way that teamwork is reinforced.

On the other hand, we also want to be critical and develop a strong and consistent opinion on what we are learning. Therefore, the section papers will contain essays that one may find relevant to broaden specific knowledge or to create different opinions.

– Mireia Bigorra, Manel Saló & Oscar Valledor, blog creators