-Raimon Martí Mestres-

Nowadays, some businesses are trying to outsource the supply chain of logistics teams, to send the job of logistics overseas. This means to take a third-party logistics service, also called 3PL.

3PL experts make companies’ horizons to expand and make them to focus on what they know better to do, that is its own product. As we said, as the companies know better its own product and they have to focus on it because the market force you to improve it, they have no time to put their effort on  get better logistics and decrease the costs on it. And logistics as well don’t make it easy as it change constantly and evolution so fast.

To take advance on third-party logistics has some benefits, and here comes some:

  • Overall cost for supply chain
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Capital investment and ongoing expansion needs
  • Improvement of service levels due to a dedicated logistics provider

Some businesses need to make the supply chain a success. And by outsourcing the logistics of a supply chain the company can give the tasks of inventory, warehousing, transportation and distribution to a business with experts on these subjects that take off work on you and moreover they optimize it and give the chance to grow the business.