-Eduard Franco-

This interesting article shows how recent consumption trends are reshaping logistics in order to adapt to our actual environment. It focuses on how IT companies are entering the logistics world providing software-based solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and Internet of Things.

Companies are preparing themselves to the highly anticipated fourth industrial revolution which will be based on automated processes, improved use of big data, AI… to improve productivity increasing efficiency and reducing costs. As said in the article, nowadays “the growing online shopping space is the primary growth driver for technological processes’ market”. Consumers are pushing companies to reduce delivery times and increase efficiency. This situation feeds the need for more sophisticated logistics methods.

Examples of new technologies that are being developed by the companies cited in the article are:

-AI services which will help forecasting logistics demand and finding optimal routes and delivery methods.

-Samsung’s Cello which analyses big data to optimize packaging, delivering and warehouse management.

-Automated transfer robots.

-Drones used for deliveries and warehouse management.

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