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-Anna Lloan Rendé-

Hi everybody,

I was looking for a video that tries to explain how much important is the e-fulfilment in logistics, so I found a video of Gebrüder Weiss GW, a company of logistics and distribution that explains this concept in a realistic view.

This company is the team behind the people web-shop an online service that makes life easier saves money and saves time, their function is the postal receipt office and courier that delivers to customers’ door in just a few hours.    Seguir leyendo “eFulfillment”


One day in Amazon warehouse in Spain

-Carme Pol-


Since July 2012, it exists an Amazon store in Spain. It’s a shed where all the parcels that finally arrive to customers are managed. At the moment only three quarters of the shed is occupied.

The warehouse is like a little town inside, where you have to walk where you are told. Blue areas are for pedestrians and Orange zones for machinery. Pedestrian crossings are painted to access to certain areas without risk. Seguir leyendo “One day in Amazon warehouse in Spain”

Robots in logistics

-Dúnia Garcia-

Hi everyone!
I was searching a bit about what was said in class: the high tech in warehouses.
I found that video interesting because it shows graphically how it works. It is a warehouse located in United States and it uses the system of robots from amazon which are really amazing.

Seguir leyendo “Robots in logistics”

How to take advantage of drones in the logistics industry?

-Neus Guash-

Hi everyone!!

Yesterday I found a really interesting article about drones. As the article is in Spanish here I put a summary of the information it contains:

More and more home delivery companies use drones to reach their customers’ homes and distribute orders. These unmanned aerial vehicles have begun to conquer logistic transport, although there are still threads to tie and issues to solve. Seguir leyendo “How to take advantage of drones in the logistics industry?”

One day inside Spain Amazon’s warehouse

 -Dúnia Garcia-

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I found an interesting video about logistics in amazon. It is about the first fullfilment center in Spain and it has 28.000 m2. Seguir leyendo “One day inside Spain Amazon’s warehouse”

What happens inside those massive warehouses?

-Alan Kazidis-

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you a really nice Ted-Talk that I have come across about technology in business logistics. To be more precise robotics and automation in warehouses and how does it affect the employees and the business and of course the customers. Seguir leyendo “What happens inside those massive warehouses?”

Inside DHL logistic center in Switzerland

-Núria Feliu-

Big multinational DHL has just recently opened a logistic center in Regensdorf a locality in Switzerland. Receiving an average of 35.000 boxes per day, they decided on a non-inventory policy, where everything that comes in in one feasible day, comes out in less than 24 hours.

I have got the opportunity to get insider information and footage of how they do it. Seguir leyendo “Inside DHL logistic center in Switzerland”

DB Schenker and Fraunhofer Institute are developing new logistics solutions.

-Lucie Simunkova-

DB Schenker opened in the beginning of the last year their own laboratory in Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund, Germany. Their project is focused on evolving digital business model and optimisation of the process of running the warehouse with a new software.

For example they are using 3D printers in the supply chain management. Seguir leyendo “DB Schenker and Fraunhofer Institute are developing new logistics solutions.”

Video About the supply chain

-Diana Margalef-

Hello Everybody,

I have found this interesting video about the relation with suppliers. We talked about that in class and I found that this video matched a lot with the contents seen in class. In this video David Wohler explains that suppliers are part of the supply chain, Seguir leyendo “Video About the supply chain”

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