How can I send an article and get it published ?

You will send an e-mail to in a standard document format and we will proofread it and we will get it published.

Can I just send a link to an article ?

No, we will only publish articles that have been summarized and written in your own words by you, however you may include the link to the main article.

How often will the articles be uploaded ?

We will be uploading articles on a daily basis, depending on the influx of articles you guys send our way. You can expect at least an article a day, so be sure you check the blog out daily !

When will the blog be operational ?

If you are reading this section that means that the blog is already working !

How does the ‘papers‘ section work ?

In your research you may find some relevant papers in relation with our subject of study, you can send the link to such papers directly, however, try to summarize them and/or explain the relation to the topics seen in class so we can all see why its relevant.