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octubre 2016

Cost-Effective Transportation: Samsung Electronics Signs Transportation Partnership with Russian Railways

-Anastasia Gonotskaya-

During the last lectures we were talking about inventory management. As we know, an improvement in the process of managing inventories can save a lot of money for a company, especially for a big one. Samsung Electronics is a relevant example of such an improvement. Seguir leyendo “Cost-Effective Transportation: Samsung Electronics Signs Transportation Partnership with Russian Railways”


-Esther Sancho-

Proposed exercise:

The company Pretty Shoes has 2 stores in Madrid (más…)

-Catherine Fitzgerald-

Proposed exercise:

A European paper company is planning to expand its warehouse presence in the United (más…)

About how listening to customers can give success to a logistics Company

-Diana Margalef-

Cerasis Inc is a logistics service provider of freight management services and transportation management system. At first, the company had just service for those who ship freight in North America, now Cerasis announces that they will offer services to Canada from US, from Canafa to the US, within or intra-canada, as well as those shipping from Mexico to the US. Seguir leyendo “About how listening to customers can give success to a logistics Company”

Technology Is Driving Logistics This Holiday Season

-Alicia Chiang-


During the holiday shopping season many retailers expect an increase in the sales of their products, which in the past meant that they had to focus more on operations and ensure availability of the product as well as in-time deliveries. Now as consumers become more demanding and sophisticated, and they expect lower costs, increased control and more options, logistics need to take advantage of technological advances to be able to cater to all the different ways in which consumers what to shop and receive their goods.

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Flexe, the AirBnb for warehouses

-Eloi Castillo-

Flexe is a platform that allows companies (owners) who have extra-space in the warehouse to share it with other companies (tenants), it is facilitating horizontal cooperation between several companies.

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Amazon opens new facilities in Barcelona

-Georgina Mínguez Cardús-

This article explains the new logistical methodology implemented by Amazon in Barcelona that entails the distribution of products in less than one hour. The system consists on having a warehouse of 3800 m2 in the center of Barcelona that reduces transportation time and costs as the warehouse is located in Rosselló Street. The system is called Prime Now and it is only available for Premium users and for orders from 19 euros.

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IKEA opens its new ephemeral shop in the centre of Barcelona

-Xènia Berrio-

Hello everyone!

Last Friday, reading a Catalan newspaper, I found this new about IKEA which I think it complements very well a post made for one of our classmates and for this reason, I find  interesting to share it with all of you (especially for those who doesn’t understand Catalan). Seguir leyendo “IKEA opens its new ephemeral shop in the centre of Barcelona”

The adaptation of the “mail service” leader to e-commerce and parcels

-Marc Puchol Ponce-

Hi everybody,

I have found an interesting post I share with you about the evolution of a public company that has had to adapt to market trends to survive.

With the rise of e-commerce and home parcel deliveries many companies have had to adapt its structure to meet the demand.

Correos, which initially was dedicated to postal service, has listened to the market and raised strategies based on Big Data and logistics management. Seguir leyendo “The adaptation of the “mail service” leader to e-commerce and parcels”

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