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Evaluation of the Blog results

-Blog Coordinators-

First of all, we would like to thank you for your hard effort and excellent contribution on the blog. We have enjoyed reading all the interesting articles, exercises and interviews provided. But it seems that we were not the only ones, since our blog has been visited not only by a lot of people from outside the Uni, but also by netizens from all around the World. In the graph below you can see the percentage of visits from other countries.

The percentages have been calculated with respect to the total number of visits from other countries than Spain. All those countries account for a 5% on the total number of visits.

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Online sales for food are still too low

-Eloi Castillo-

Buying food online has becoming more popular with the expansion of Amazon and the entrance of several traditional supermarkets as LIDL or Dia.  However, in Spain the number of people who buy food online is still very low in comparison with other countries. They only represent the 1% of the revenues of the general online market. Other products as tickets, clothes or electronic gadgets are achieving the main revenues. Seguir leyendo “Online sales for food are still too low”

Amazon’s Retail Revolution

-Diana Margalef-

Hello everybody,

I found this interesting video about Amazon. I’m sure you have seen lots of programs and article about this company but I found interesting this video because it gives you a general idea of the company: good and bad points.

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-Laura Garcia-

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share with you all this interesting video about a topic that we studied in the last session: E-procurement.

  • What is E-procurement?

Procurement is a simple get innovative technology. This includes requisition approval, creation of purchase orders, purchasing, receiving, feedback as well as bid vendor and payment management. So, it is the business-to-business (B2Brequisitioning, ordering and purchasing of goods and services over the internet. Seguir leyendo “E-procurement”

Logistics history

-Laia Domínguez García-

Hi dear classmates!!

Most of us have chosen this subject because we find it interesting and we want to learn more about it but, do we really know the origins of Business Logistics? How it all began? I would like, to conclude this semester, we all make a little review.

Logistics (as historians say, this word comes from the greek Logis, Seguir leyendo “Logistics history”

Interviewing Ferran Domenech

– Esther Sancho, Alicia Chiang, Sílvia Plans, Xenia Berrio and Paola Sancho-

Aecoc is an association in which more than 24,000 companies dedicated to manufacturing and distribution in various professional sectors work hand in hand for the benefit of the consumer. For more than thirty years since its creation, it has been committed to collaboration, innovation, technological development, efficiency and in general, to all practices which, from joint effort, contribute to making Spanish companies more sustainable, modern and competitive at all levels. Seguir leyendo “Interviewing Ferran Domenech”

Interviewing Oriol Codina

– Sílvia Plans, Xènia Berrio, Paola Sancho and Esther Sancho-

Oriol Codina Puig is a member of the ANC National Secretariat and the coordinator of the Logistics Committee. He has been the head of the 11S demonstration during the last 2 years and he has also participated in the organization of the previous ones. We decided to contact him since such demonstrations require an important logistics planning and organization that is quite different from the industrial companies’ ones.

We have been pleased to spend an afternoon with him and he has explained us a lot of details about how is like preparing such a mass event. Seguir leyendo “Interviewing Oriol Codina”

Manuel Jorge Sousa and Francesc Vilaubi are visitng us Tomorrow!!!

Manuel Jorge Sousa (Four Js) and Francesc Vilaubi (Efficens way) are visiting us tomorrow (8 of November) in the business logistics class.

Here there are some webs of interest that you may find relevant to check before the presentation:

Hello, World!

The blog is officially operational from now on ! Thank you all so much for voting for us and trusting us in the management of the official blog of the Business Logistics Class 2016 at the Pompeu Fabra University. We are ready to start uploading your collaborations and can’t wait for you guys to start sending more articles !

We have created a FAQ and About section that will provide answers to any of the possible questions you may have regarding the functioning of the blog.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do, see you in class !

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