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As we did last week with seminar 3, we proceed to upload the solutions for seminar 4. Those interested in discussing alternative solutions or asking questions just comment on the post and we will be more than happy to answer you. Hope it is useful! (más…)


-Anastasia Gonotskaya-

Proposed exercise:

A company must decide where to locate its new toy store among five neighborhoods in the city. The company has selected five relevant factors and given a weight between 1 and 4 to them. The following table shows these factors and the evaluation that managers have made for each factor and place (más…)

-Chiara Spampatti-

Proposed Exercise: 

Suppose we want to maximize our profit, selling toys from our facotry in Italy to different countries in the world (China, Spain, Bulgary, Denmark). First of all we should choose where to locate our point of sales. We are facing a localization problem that we could cope with one of the main methods of logistics design: “weighted method” (más…)

-Paola Sancho-

Proposed exercise:

A SPANISH Telecomunication company wants to analyze where is the best place to allocate a new call center. For doing this, they want to take into account different factors to satisfy as best as possible the customers’ requirments minimizing their costs. (más…)

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We would like to share the Problem Set 3 solutions so then you can check them.  (más…)

-Sandra Maresma-

Proposed exercise:

A company dedicated to produce toys has 4 centers of distribution. (más…)

-Xènia Berrio-

Proposed exercise:

The company ABC wants to expand its logistics network and locate a new warehouse within a network of three existing facilities usin (más…)

-Xènia Grande Soler-

Proposed exercise:

A Hospital has launched an improvement project to increase the satisfaction of their patients. The hospital wants to ensure (más…)

-Esther Sancho-

Proposed exercise:

The company Pretty Shoes has 2 stores in Madrid (más…)

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