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Hunger is not a food issue, it is a logistics issue

-Maren J. Arp-

Isn´t it true that in business we always tend to produce more and more in order to sell more and more? That is the trend, where we are heading: Produce more and with that cheaper, sell more for a cheaper price, so that people will actually demand more…and so on.

But while we are keeping to produce more and more in one part of the world it is failing to arrive to other parts. Whereas for us it is normal that the shelves in supermarkets that are on every second corner are always full, for people in many parts of the world and specially for people in crisis areas it is anything but normal. Seguir leyendo “Hunger is not a food issue, it is a logistics issue”


Digitalisation of Seaport Supply Chains. Now a Reality

 -Mehreen Qaisrani-

Businesses nowadays need greater reliability and visibility in the supply chain to be at an advantage in the market place. Globally 90% of trade moves on ocean and seaports are critical to the supply chain. Seguir leyendo “Digitalisation of Seaport Supply Chains. Now a Reality”

Hanjin Shipping Co. file for Bankruptcy

 -Mehreen Qaisrani-

South Koreas largest container line and the worlds seventh largest, Hanjin Shipping, has filed for bankruptcy. The company has millions of dollars worth of assets stranded at sea, which disrupted supply chains worldwide. Authorities and creditors have either seized some vessels while others have been refused entry into ports. This comes at a bad timing not only for Hanjin but also for American retailers who are worried their Christmas stock will not arrive in time for their busiest season. Ports around the world denied Hanjin vessels to dock because the company could not pay the unloading fees. Neither did they want creditors holding Hanjin vessels on their facilities and occupying valuable moorings. Seguir leyendo “Hanjin Shipping Co. file for Bankruptcy”

Refugee crisis effecting supply chains in Europe

-Mehreen Qaisrani-

The influx of refugees coming into Europe has put a huge strain on countries and businesses. Especially, since an attempt to increase security after terrorist attacks many countries have decided to close their borders and have temporarily introduced border controls. The removal of internal borders during the making of the Schengen Area allowed for free movement of goods and people within Europe. However, the partial suspension has caused backups of trucks and increased waiting times at border control, limiting the free flow of goods and consequently affecting the transport and logistics industry. Seguir leyendo “Refugee crisis effecting supply chains in Europe”

Package Carriers Building Up for E-Commerce Delivery

-Sonali Sumaria –

Hello everyone,

I found a few interesting articles showing how businesses are changing their strategies and investments because of the rapid growth of e-commerce. Also how on-demand delivery can add value to the business. The first article shows how companies such as FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service are opening more and larger sorting facilities that are readily accessible to their customers, which will be able to shorten their delivery time. Seguir leyendo “Package Carriers Building Up for E-Commerce Delivery”

Home delivery service of Burger King

-Claudia Ventayol-

In 2012, the American global chain of fast food restaurants was the first one to offer the home delivery service in Spain, called “Burger King® en Casa”. It started in specific points as a test, more concretely, in Cáceres.

The company has not only been focused on the creation of new products and flavors, but it has put great effort in finding new ways through which can address its consumers and offer them a good service. That is why, in light of the increasing consumption of applications, Burger King has decided to reshape its application, launched in 2014. This update incorporates the home service delivery, in addition to more personalized discounts with coupons, to satisfy and loyalty each day to a greater number of consumers. Seguir leyendo “Home delivery service of Burger King”

Logistics in Christmas shopping

-Jakub Burger-

Christmas is almost a month away and it’s time now to think about what presents to get to your family and friends. Clearly this is also the busiest period for retailers and I was willing to find out how do they cope with the mass demand from consumers.

The article mentions the accurate response approach which is most commonly used by companies that deal with products that are new or highly seasonal, or have short lifetimes. Seguir leyendo “Logistics in Christmas shopping”

Amazon Robotics

-Jakub Burger-

Whilst I was surfing around Amazon this week to watch The Grand Tour, the new car TV series in Amazon Prime, I stumbled across Amazon Robotics and I thought it would be interesting to share what Amazon is using robots for and what is their future aim in robotics. Seguir leyendo “Amazon Robotics”

Automatization & Cofares

-Laia Domínguez García-

Hi class! I want to share

The constant growing of the demand has led to new logistics processes and, due to that, the automatization of them, which is nowadays an essential item for companies who look for a growth of its number of operations, process optimizations and maximum quality service for its clients. Seguir leyendo “Automatization & Cofares”

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