-Jesús Zomeño-

Hello everyone, I choose this article because it treats logistics from another point or view we are not used to see in class. The article does not talk about how logistic works, what is the supply chain or which is the most efficient way to transport “x” element to “y” retailer. The article talks about how much are logistics valued.

The article reports that the investment in logistics assets got to the record of €662 millions, the largest quantity since 2004 and it seems that at the end of 2016 this number will be even higher. According to BNP Paribas Real Estate analysts the good consumption behavior and the industry production are key factors in this good data.

The article also remarks the importance of the 2009 crisis which says that made consumers behavior change and that change helped the e-commerce to start to grow. This growing of the e-commerce, then, is related to the increase of investment in assets, because this new way of purchasing need new logistics facilities that adapts its needs. According to the new, the percentage of e-commerce in Spain is still highly below the European average, but I think that it will more or less catch up with that average so that’s a factor to take in account when forecasting future logistic investments.

The report tells us that the cities which have suffered a bigger impact in terms of square meters are the biggest ones in the country: Madrid and Barcelona. Also, that there’s another big influence of the 2009 crisis, and that is quite obvious: the economic recession did not allow the improvement of the logistics facilities and now the economic conditions are better and they offer the possibility to do it.

In conclusion, logistics is every day more important and it’s becoming a source of competitive advantage for those companies that differentiate from the other ones. And that is worthy, and as analysts say will be worthy the next years too, and there are a lot of companies from around the world willing to pay that money. The evolution of technology from the last 10-15 years has allowed the growth of e-commerce (computerization, machinery, instant communication…) and we have to adapt our plants and the traditional way we thought about logistics to the current one because in a globalized world that gets every day more competitive that may mean surviving, and now investing in logistic assets could give us a lot of profits in a future.

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