-Claudia Ventayol-

In 2012, the American global chain of fast food restaurants was the first one to offer the home delivery service in Spain, called “Burger King® en Casa”. It started in specific points as a test, more concretely, in Cáceres.

The company has not only been focused on the creation of new products and flavors, but it has put great effort in finding new ways through which can address its consumers and offer them a good service. That is why, in light of the increasing consumption of applications, Burger King has decided to reshape its application, launched in 2014. This update incorporates the home service delivery, in addition to more personalized discounts with coupons, to satisfy and loyalty each day to a greater number of consumers.

The service is totally free, that is to say, does not include additional expenses, and arrives at the addresses in a maximum of 30 minutes. However, a minimum order of 15 € has been established. Moreover, in order to offer to the customer the best service, has been designed and patented a new packaging, called “proprietary thermal packaging technology”, which preserves the food in the best quality. In this way, the customer can enjoy the product as if were consuming it in the same establishment, but with the convenience of not having to leave home.

So the company has managed to get ahead of McDonald’s, its biggest competitor, which although also has its own application, does not have the home delivery service. All this has allowed Burger King to achieve extraordinary results. In fact, it currently serves 113 Spanish cities, and intends to continue increasing this number.

They have basically made eating fast food even easier.