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26 noviembre, 2016

Vision picking at DHL – Augmented reality in logistics

-Larissa Risseeuw-

Hello everyone, I would like to share the following video with you :

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3PL services

-Raimon Martí Mestres-

Nowadays, some businesses are trying to outsource the supply chain of logistics teams, to send the job of logistics overseas. This means to take a third-party logistics service, also called 3PL.

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How technology is transforming logistics

-Eduard Franco-

This interesting article shows how recent consumption trends are reshaping logistics in order to adapt to our actual environment. It focuses on how IT companies are entering the logistics world providing software-based solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and Internet of Things.

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Hyperloop: the future of transportation

-Neus Guasch-


What would happen if transporting goods from Barcelona to Madrid lasted less than 40 minutes?

That could soon be a reality thanks to “hyperloop”, a system of land transport with a speed of more than 1.200 kilometers per hour. A really huge progress for the distribution and transportation of goods which could make much more faster and efficient the travels between cities.

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Fresh: the Ulabox and Comprea weapon to stop Amazon

-Neus Guasch-

Amazon has arrived strongly to the online market of fresh products, but there were others before Amazon. In this context, fresh fish is one of the secret weapons of groups such as Ulabox or Comprea to face the giant of the e-commerce in Spain with a differentiated offer in the online supermarket sector that Amazon cannot match.

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The attraction of investing in logistic assets

-Jesús Zomeño-

Hello everyone, I choose this article because it treats logistics from another point or view we are not used to see in class. The article does not talk about how logistic works, what is the supply chain or which is the most efficient way to transport “x” element to “y” retailer. The article talks about how much are logistics valued.

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A change to protectionist policies

-Jesús Zomeño-


Hello everyone, I have chosen these three articles to propose a discussion, and I anticipate I give no answer because I am not qualified enough, about the possible impact that may have the election of Donald Trump for the current situation of international logistics.

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How Supply Chain Strategies Impact E-commerce Success

-Claire Vanthof-

E-commerce has emerged as part of a company’s marketing program. Achieving success requires not only a lean supply chain, but also a strategy to get there. Many e-commerce companies sell a variety of products, and each type of product establishes different strategic needs.

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Hunger is not a food issue, it is a logistics issue

-Maren J. Arp-

Isn´t it true that in business we always tend to produce more and more in order to sell more and more? That is the trend, where we are heading: Produce more and with that cheaper, sell more for a cheaper price, so that people will actually demand more…and so on.

But while we are keeping to produce more and more in one part of the world it is failing to arrive to other parts. Whereas for us it is normal that the shelves in supermarkets that are on every second corner are always full, for people in many parts of the world and specially for people in crisis areas it is anything but normal. Seguir leyendo “Hunger is not a food issue, it is a logistics issue”

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