-Maria del Mar Vera-

Not surprisingly, this coming Christmas holidays are expected to be more digital than ever. It is for this reason that companies should prepare to provide on-time deliveries, at the same time as working against undesirable weather conditions and with increased volumes going through the same infrastructure. Moreover, shoppers are every day becoming more demanding, which makes logistic companies to prioritize technology in order not to be left behind.

According to the survey that Forbes is providing in the article posted bellow, there is an increasing number of shoppers open to various last-mile options they have not tried before, meaning that logistic companies are in front of a big opportunity that they can take advantage of in order to reduce their delivery times. For example, opting for curbside pickup or alternative drop-off locations can shave a few days off of delivery and save on shipping fees, especially since orders are ready for pick up in 24 hours almost 90% of the time.

In the same line, PWC has published the 2016 Holiday Outlook, in which they try to forecast where and when will consumers shop during Christmas, what drives their purchasing decisions and how retailers can prepare for the season. This information is crucial for the logistics department of firms, in order to prepare for the occasion, as planning also plays an important role in the logistics field.

The most important findings they come up with are the following:

  • Bigger holiday budgets: consumers are primed to spend a 10% more
  • Hipsters – upwardly mobile, college-educated millennials- will spend more than average consumers
  • Digital and mobile shopping will be a 25% higher than last year
  • A range of last-mile options must be offered by companies so as not to lose market share: consumers prefer home delivery but they are open to other options
  • More deals are going to be needed more often, since ultimately, everyday low price is the top priority for 83% of shoppers, followed by the lure of deals and promotions (65%)

All in all, this information is very important when facing an important season such as the Christmas one, from the business and logistics point of view, placing some especial importance to the fact that technology is always there, asking companies to be up to date in order to serve clients in the most efficient way. In some sense, logistics should work as being Santa Claus: if the work is very well done, and the product arrives on time, with the perfect conditions to the right customer, nobody notices about the process that is behind. It is for this reason that companies should be ready to face any challenge, especially on holiday seasons, so as to keep contributing to the magic of Christmas.