-Alejandro Caules-

I would like to share with you this two articles about Rakuten. First of all, Rakuten is a Japanese company that is dedicated to the online commerce or e-commerce. This company is the biggest online company in Japan and is known as the Amazon first competitor. It is said that Rakuten is the Amazon of Asia with more than 50 million customers. Apart from this fact Rakuten is known for being the next F.C.Barcelona sponsor for the season 2017.

I have read two articles about this company that I found interesting because they help to understand how this company succeeded in such little time.

In the first article, we can read the Rakuten acquisition of webgistix. At the beginning, Rakuten only operated in Japan, after that, it expanded to Europe and by acquiring webgistix, they were introduced to the U.S market. Webgistix was a webpage that with its cloud-based Webgistix SmartSuite of e-commerce solutions for order fulfillment, freight management, and shipment optimization empowered e-commerce retailers to manage their supply chain in a more efficiently way.

Furthermore, during twelve years, webgistix had built a customer base that housed twenty countries. Thanks to that, they could serve the 98% of their e-commerce customers in the U.S within one or two days.

After the acquisition of webgistix, Rakuten decided to change the name to Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL).

The second article is related to RSL. It talks about the launch of a new website of RSL, the web page is called www.rakutenSL.com. This new page helps e-commerce retailers by giving advice and information about how to fulfil orders and about the benefits of contracting RSL and RSL 2-day delivery network for a faster and more accurate order fulfilment.

This new page also tries to facilitate connections with e-commerce retailers that want to outsource their order fulfilments to RSL with an updated design and an engaging user experience.

Thanks to this website, Rakuten accomplished record-breaking revenues in 2014 and 2015. Here there is a very short video that explains what this website does.