-Anastasia Gonotskaya-

During the last lectures we discussed the importance of data and informational systems for logistics and supply chain companies. This article shows that this topic is of great current interest.

According to the article, GE Transportation and the Port of Los Angeles (the largest container port in the USA) have cooperated to develop “first-of-its-kind” port informational portal. This project aims to show the benefits of making maritime shipping data digital and available to supply chain operators and cargo owners.

Why is this informational portal important? The answer is clear if we look at the statistics. Around 90% of global trade moves on the ocean, which makes ports critical members of the supply chain. This project will enable better coordination and collaboration among the stakeholders involved in the process.

When the data-flow between the stakeholders is improved, the port and terminal operators will have more time to optimize cargo movements.

Information about shipments received in advance is essential for trade competitiveness and cargo efficiency. Data-driven and fast-delivered insights will enhance maritime supply chain performance and will make the whole supply chain more reliable and predictable.