-Eloi Castillo-

Buying food online has becoming more popular with the expansion of Amazon and the entrance of several traditional supermarkets as LIDL or Dia.  However, in Spain the number of people who buy food online is still very low in comparison with other countries. They only represent the 1% of the revenues of the general online market. Other products as tickets, clothes or electronic gadgets are achieving the main revenues.

One of the reasons is that consumers only purchase the products that are not fresh, like beverages or dry food. On the other hand, few people buy products like vegetables, fish or meat due to the perception that the products could arrive with a lower quality than in the supermarket or just because they like to see the product before buy it. In addition, one sector inside food that is increasing a lot in the online market is food for pets, the reason to that is the weight and that is dry food.

Moreover, to achieve higher goals in online sales for food ,all companies has to set a personalized service where the client can choose exactly how he  wants the product as the type of cut for the fish and it has a  wide range of products specially for  fresh food. Furthermore, the caducity date of the food buy it online has to be the last one available in order to give confidence of the quality. In conclusion, all these tasks have to be handle by the logistics system of all the online supermarkets in an effective way in order to increase sales.