-Xènia Berrio-

When we think about good logistics, it usually comes to our minds big companies such as Amazon or IKEA. However, there are many others smaller companies that, differences aside, are doing pretty well in this aspect. Small and local businesses are using, more and more, new ways of logistics and they are trying to adapt themselves to the quick changes in the environment in order to sell more and attract more customers.

Even in a small village of 2.000 inhabitants such as mine, I have found two nice examples of what I have explained.

Last week, I went to the pharmacy of my village and I realised that the pharmacy had launched an app in order to make express orders. In other words, customers can make their orders from anywhere, even from their work, just using a phone or a computer. Then, the pharmacy notifies you when the order is ready in order to collect it. Moreover, they have a parking lot reserved only for people who has made an “express order” so that you spend the less time possible doing the shopping.

With this system, they avoid having excessive queues and a better customer service because the waiting time is reduced a lot, especially in an industry where having the product fast and just in the moment when you need it is crucial, as we talked in class.

I found a similar case in the butcher’s shop where my family goes. From their website, you can do online orders and collect them when you want. The system is very easy, it is like buying clothes online. You can see all the products on the web and then, you can add what you want to a virtual shopping cart.

The objectives of implementing this are the same as before, avoiding queues and doing the shopping more comfortably for customers.

Moreover, in order to be able to compete with big supermarkets who open from 9am to 22pm continuously, they don’t close the establishment at midday. In this way, they can attend more consumers and improve the customer service.

In conclusion, we can also see very good logistics in local businesses. We have to remember that this kind of businesses have recently suffer a lot because of the impact of the big supermarkets and the economic crisis. Therefore, implementing these logistics systems and adapting to the new technologies is very important for them to survive in such a global world.