-Neus Guash-

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I read an interesting article about how a thing like the E-commerce is favoring the sales of commercial vehicles.  According to the article the demand by the companies of these vehicles is the market that grows more.

From 2010 to 2015, Internet sales, the so-called e-commerce, grew in Spain by 213% (sales went from 9.014 million euros to 19.200 last year). And, according to experts in the sector, this year it will grow around 10% more making the total turnover above 21.000 million euros.

A business that companies such as Amazon are doing very efficiently, is in reality having a positive effect on sales of commercial vehicles, which are necessary to meet the delivery of online sales. We should be aware that more than 75% of these purchases through the network are tangible items and that only about 22% are services that do not require any physical delivery. It is true that by the way, services like travel and hotel reservations are the ones that have invoiced the most but there is an opportunity in the market of tangible items.

This favorable evolution of e-commerce has been matched by an increase in sales of commercial vehicles of around a 34% despite the economic crisis.

This makes me think about how all this e-commerce businesses should organize their logistics for the transportation of their goods and what is the way of making this transportation more efficient. So, searching through the internet I found an article talking about these things.

In http://blogdelogistica.es/logistica-e-commerce/ they talk about the 5 pillars in e-commerce and how logistics is one of them. The previous study of the logistics processes to be implemented is a key aspect in the future consolidation of the business. It is very important to adapt the logistics to the needs of the business and sometimes having the support of experts in the industry can be a great help to the growing number of entrepreneurs interested in selling online.

We should be aware of the logistic systems of information of our business and the storage and distribution of our products and depending on our needs we should think about externalize the logistics, which would have some advantages explained in the webpage.

What is your opinion about it? What would you do if you start an e-commerce? Do you know any example of someone who faced that problem?