-Judith Colom Boixadòs-

Hi guys,

Reading the news from the newspaper “Cadena de suministro”, I found a small article that talks about the last topic seen in class, e-commerce.

The article talks about the aspect of the delivery time in the orders made on-line is now taking a lot of importance. Previously the battle between e-commerce was regarding the aspect of shipping price, customers preferred a lower costs. But customers today have changed their minds, they prefer that on-line shops offer the delivery in the shortest possible time and even claim that they would pay more in exchange for a quick delivery.

However, fast delivery depends on different factors that prevent all businesses from offering it. For example the retailer needs to have higher stock, which increases costs, also depends on the price of the product, this must compensate to pay the plus that fast the delivery demands. Among others.

About the online portal “ Cadena de suministro “, I recommend it, because if you like logistics, here you can find updated news on logistic issues and see with real examples what we have seen during the lectures.