-Sonali Sumaria-

Hey everyone,

I found an interesting article about the upcoming Black Friday sale this week. While all the customers look forward to this week, it’s a nightmare for the logistics managers.

The Black Friday supply chain is fragile, and the supply must meet the demand of the products. To make this possible Supply chain professionals spend months analysing data and begin building inventories in early fall to be able to handle the surge.

If the planning is poor the companies might need to expedite shipments via faster modes of shipping, such as air freight, in order to meet the consumer’s needs.

It is likely that there will be delays at a port, manufacturing lines abruptly shut down or delays caused by Mother Nature. These example can cause delays on the roads or airports that will prevent shipment from hitting the shelves on time for Black Friday.

This is why it is important for experts to work well in advance, which will minimize the potential for disaster and ensure that the supply will meet the demand of the customers.