-Laia Domínguez García-

Hi class! I want to share

The constant growing of the demand has led to new logistics processes and, due to that, the automatization of them, which is nowadays an essential item for companies who look for a growth of its number of operations, process optimizations and maximum quality service for its clients.

Automatization is a need for any supply chain and not only for the freight management, it is also needed for inventory and distribution (which contain a lot of information about reception, storage, order preparation…). In that sense, we have to understand that automatization makes the distribution centers work in a more efficient way, and at the same time, a reduction of the human resource is done.

Experts say that first companies have to do is evaluate the optimization options they have and then define the objectives of getting the distribution center automatized because is we won’t make the same decisions if we want to decrease the delivery time or increase our storage capacity.

Among the most known automatized sectors we will focus in the pharmacist. Due to its amount of references and units of products, it requires a lot of technological tools for its distribution. To explain how it works, I want to talk about Cofares.

Cofares is a very successful case in automatization in distribution centers. It is considered as the main health care company in Spain and leader in the distribution of medicines, parapharmacy products and service offer to pharmacy companies.

Farmavenix is the logistic platform of Cofares specialized in drug management, the biggest in Europe. Thanks to it, a cooperative of distribution of medicines and products 100% pharmaceutical, serves from 34 warehouses with its own logistics platforms and a return center. They prepare, successfully, each day more than 700,00 lines of orders.

To get to that point, they did some improvements such: new buildings, suitability of its plants and new technologies applied to processes and good’s flow. The new instalations of Farmavenix have, among other technological and logistical improvements, robots for the transportations of the drugs from the cartons to its trays, for depalletiser, shuttles for when the human being work is needed and shuttles of ergonomic palletization with ramps.