-Pau Marín-

Amazon pantry consists in selling and distributing fresh products, the non-perishable ones, basically food, in all Spain, not only for the major cities. Those products are sent (in fast deliver) in boxes of 20 kg maximum which were previously filled online by the consumer. The costs for the consumer are the product prizes plus 3.99 per box ordered (box price and shipping costs). A premium account (19.95€) is required for joining Amazon Pantry.

To stock all the products, Amazon has a special warehouse of 28.000 squared meters, for fresh products in Castellbisbal, Barcelona, which provides all of his Amazon Pantry customers from the southern Europe.

Talking about Amazon’s warehouses, this warehouse would be the fourth in Spain (2 in Madrid and one in Barcelona), but what is interesting is that two of them are located in the downtown of both cities, and are used for Express Amazon Prime (fast deliveries).