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25 noviembre, 2016

Automatization & Cofares

-Laia Domínguez García-

Hi class! I want to share

The constant growing of the demand has led to new logistics processes and, due to that, the automatization of them, which is nowadays an essential item for companies who look for a growth of its number of operations, process optimizations and maximum quality service for its clients. Seguir leyendo “Automatization & Cofares”


E-commerce: Delivery time

-Judith Colom Boixadòs-

Hi guys,

Reading the news from the newspaper “Cadena de suministro”, I found a small article that talks about the last topic seen in class, e-commerce.

The article talks about the aspect of the delivery time in the orders made on-line is now taking a lot of importance. Previously the battle between e-commerce was regarding the aspect of shipping price, customers preferred a lower costs. Seguir leyendo “E-commerce: Delivery time”

Online sales for food are still too low

-Eloi Castillo-

Buying food online has becoming more popular with the expansion of Amazon and the entrance of several traditional supermarkets as LIDL or Dia.  However, in Spain the number of people who buy food online is still very low in comparison with other countries. They only represent the 1% of the revenues of the general online market. Other products as tickets, clothes or electronic gadgets are achieving the main revenues. Seguir leyendo “Online sales for food are still too low”

Decathlon increases sales through RFID technology

-Iolanda Satoca-

Recently I started working in Decathlon and I was surprised at the system they had to control the stock and the speed with which the products arrive at the store. That’s why I decided to research more about how they do in Decathlon to always have the necessary inventory in each moment. Seguir leyendo “Decathlon increases sales through RFID technology”

Port of Los Angeles and GE Transportation Partner to Digitize Maritime Shipping

-Anastasia Gonotskaya-

During the last lectures we discussed the importance of data and informational systems for logistics and supply chain companies. This article shows that this topic is of great current interest.

According to the article, GE Transportation and the Port of Los Angeles (the largest container port in the USA) have cooperated to develop “first-of-its-kind” port informational portal. This project aims to show the benefits of making maritime shipping data digital and available to supply chain operators and cargo owners. Seguir leyendo “Port of Los Angeles and GE Transportation Partner to Digitize Maritime Shipping”

Logistics in small businesses

-Xènia Berrio-

When we think about good logistics, it usually comes to our minds big companies such as Amazon or IKEA. However, there are many others smaller companies that, differences aside, are doing pretty well in this aspect. Small and local businesses are using, more and more, new ways of logistics and they are trying to adapt themselves to the quick changes in the environment in order to sell more and attract more customers. Seguir leyendo “Logistics in small businesses”

Amazon Pantry is the latest service that Amazon offers in Spain

-Pau Marín-

Amazon pantry consists in selling and distributing fresh products, the non-perishable ones, basically food, in all Spain, not only for the major cities. Those products are sent (in fast deliver) in boxes of 20 kg maximum which were previously filled online by the consumer. The costs for the consumer are the product prizes plus 3.99 per box ordered (box price and shipping costs). A premium account (19.95€) is required for joining Amazon Pantry. Seguir leyendo “Amazon Pantry is the latest service that Amazon offers in Spain”

Black Friday: An Impossible Feat without Logistics

-Sonali Sumaria-

Hey everyone,

I found an interesting article about the upcoming Black Friday sale this week. While all the customers look forward to this week, it’s a nightmare for the logistics managers.

The Black Friday supply chain is fragile, and the supply must meet the demand of the products. To make this possible Supply chain professionals spend months analysing data and begin building inventories in early fall to be able to handle the surge. Seguir leyendo “Black Friday: An Impossible Feat without Logistics”

E-commerce rises sales of commercial vehicles

-Neus Guash-

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I read an interesting article about how a thing like the E-commerce is favoring the sales of commercial vehicles.  According to the article the demand by the companies of these vehicles is the market that grows more.

From 2010 to 2015, Internet sales, the so-called e-commerce, grew in Spain by 213% (sales went from 9.014 million euros to 19.200 last year). And, according to experts in the sector, this year it will grow around 10% more making the total turnover above 21.000 million euros. Seguir leyendo “E-commerce rises sales of commercial vehicles”

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