-Anna Lloan Rendé-

Hi everybody,

I was looking for a video that tries to explain how much important is the e-fulfilment in logistics, so I found a video of Gebrüder Weiss GW, a company of logistics and distribution that explains this concept in a realistic view.

This company is the team behind the people web-shop an online service that makes life easier saves money and saves time, their function is the postal receipt office and courier that delivers to customers’ door in just a few hours.   

You can see that the company combine the analogy world of transport with the digital word of logistics. The central task focuses on the costumer as user. Because purchasing behaviour has changed fundamentally in recent years, decisions are made more selectively orders are placed more individually and users click millions of times more. Today data centers and center landscapes are just as important as articulated trucks and pallets spaces; IT solutions are often close together even when our employees work on projects thousands of kilometers apart from each other. “

Markets need logistics and logistics require intelligence IT to ensure high quality service and efficiency computer device moves not only goods and data but also people who are connected by our IT solutions because they have stored the importance of customer satisfaction.