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24 noviembre, 2016


-Anna Lloan Rendé-

Hi everybody,

I was looking for a video that tries to explain how much important is the e-fulfilment in logistics, so I found a video of Gebrüder Weiss GW, a company of logistics and distribution that explains this concept in a realistic view.

This company is the team behind the people web-shop an online service that makes life easier saves money and saves time, their function is the postal receipt office and courier that delivers to customers’ door in just a few hours.    Seguir leyendo “eFulfillment”


-Sandra Maresma-

Proposed exercise:

Bottle Firm is an enterprise dedicated to produce bottles of water. Last year, a new warehouse center was established in Sea Town and their stores and its distance to the center are put in the following table:

Distance to the  center 8 5 6 5
Center 1 2 3 4
1 4 7 11
2 5 7
3 3


Interviewing Ferran Domenech

– Esther Sancho, Alicia Chiang, Sílvia Plans, Xenia Berrio and Paola Sancho-

Aecoc is an association in which more than 24,000 companies dedicated to manufacturing and distribution in various professional sectors work hand in hand for the benefit of the consumer. For more than thirty years since its creation, it has been committed to collaboration, innovation, technological development, efficiency and in general, to all practices which, from joint effort, contribute to making Spanish companies more sustainable, modern and competitive at all levels. Seguir leyendo “Interviewing Ferran Domenech”

Apple and one of the most efficient supply chains

– Marc Puchol Ponce –

How have they succeeded? In this article we will see some of the changes and the approach to the distribution and supply chain of the company.

The answer is clear; Apple has invested in operations (manufacturing, purchasing, logistics) and has achieved total control of the entire supply chain, from product design to assembly and distribution. Strategies, segmentation, customer service, … the company has everything by hand and forms an ecosystem that gives it competitive advantage over the rest. Seguir leyendo “Apple and one of the most efficient supply chains”

-Jesús Zomeño Castro-

As in the exercises of the seminar about inventory management we did not practice it much I want to show you an exercise for the blog that I made about MRP to practice a little bit and refresh some ideas of the materials requirements at different levels of production.

Proposed exercise & solution: business-logistics-exercise

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