-Alba Suances-

In the previous weeks we have been talking a lot in class about the topic of transportation, and the teacher told us the advantages of Zaragoza city as a logistic center. I found it very interesting and I have investigated a bit more about the strategic location of this city. I have found a webpage that explains some advantages but I am going to summarize them since the webpages is written is Spanish.

Here you have some advantages:

  1. Zaragoza is the central place of six metropolitan areas of the European Southeast (Bordeaux, Toulouse, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona).

These metropolitan areas concentrate a large population, develop an intense socio-economic activity and possess a high level of consumption.

  1. It is an ideal location as a transport center, in the modes of road, rail and air, with routes that allow very competitive trips.
  1. The Logistics Platform of Zaragoza (PLAZA) is an Intermodal Transport Center designed to provide the highest levels of functionality and efficiency to distribution chains, logistics operators and transport companies.

For this reason, PLAZA has designed the most modern logistic and intermodal transport of our country, with a wide endowment of urbanized land next to the Zaragoza airport and specific functional areas and infrastructures.

  1. PLAZA, working as a dry port.

PLAZA is located at an equidistant point from the main Spanish ports of the Levante (Barcelona, Tarragona and Valencia) and the Cantabrian (Santander, Bilbao and Pasajes), which makes it the ideal enclave for the location of dry ports.

In relation to that, I have found a recently news that tells that Bilstein Group, a company dedicated to manufacture and provide spare parts of cars, is going to open news facilities in PLAZA. The objective of this firm is to increase references in stock, provide an immediate availability and optimize coverage to its distributors. The firm guarantees that the new location will increase the presence of important brands of the product such as Febi or SWAG.