-Núria Feliu-

STACK@EASE is an innovative design of the pioneer company in Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) and warehouse automation VANDERLANDE. It is a product that aids loading operations in baggage handling environments. It has recently been implemented in Hong Kong and Heathrow airports.

This system is an enormous improvement to the ergonomical and manual work of baggage reconciliation and handling, since it is an automated lift.

This new system will definitely reduce manual effort and bring benefits, as it works intuitively as a replica of the handler’s normal operations but minimizing their physical workload. It is a one “arm” robot that moves bags from one container to the other. Moreover, it can also be integrated with a radio frequency identification(RFID) device, that ensures a more secure and fastest deliver of the bags, as it reads fairly accurate the bag tags.

Benefits can easily be listed. It definitely improves productivity, since it can load a higher volume than an operator could. Moreover, can function more hours and thus in the long run reduce personal costs.

Information systems helping the reading of the bags minimize the missed bag rate, so with this system, it is ensured that all baggage arrives on time at the correct destination, improving delivery time. Indirectly this is amplifying the total volume of passenger baggage the facility can manage in a certain period.

Its flexible shape and design is compatible with all types of baggage containers used on site. Further examinations and tests have been taking place in some airports around the world with minimal adaptation to each one.

The proposition of the company is to “design and implement compliant solutions for the Baggage Handling Systems”. However, the company has been testing this solution in another sector, delivery of packages and warehousing methods, thinking this automated system can serve a lot of areas in a manufacture company.

All in all, makes it a cost-effective and operationally versatile solution.