-Daniel Del Retiro-

Hi guys, in this article I am going to talk about a new policy that MRW has implemented for this Christmas campaign.

As we should know, MRW is one of the most important distribution companies based in Spain. It has more than 60 logistics platforms distributed in 5 countries (Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal and Venezuela) and it is planning to invest more than 60 million euros in order to enlarge and renovate its currently logistic infrastructure in the next 4 years.

Once again, Christmas is near and all the distribution companies have to deal with an exponential increase of demand. In the case of MRW, the Spanish company has already opened three new logistics platforms to respond to the order increase due to the rise of e-commence and trends such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The three new additional platforms are based in Valencia, Granada and San Sebastian.

Data shows how the activity at the end of the year increased by an amount of 25% from 2015 to 2014 and it is expected to beat a new record of delivers this year. Moreover, the impact of the Christmas campaign is also important when we refer to employment. It is said that MRW is going to employ more than 1800 new professionals in next December to deal with the demand increasement.