-Sandra Maresma-

Hi everybody!

I have found an interesting article about Mango and it is related to the e-commerce topic which we have discussed today in class. The article is the following:

Mango has recently arrived to an agreement with Locondo, an online selling platform which is also going to manage their e-commerce in Japan.

Mango has then decided to increase its presence in Japan. They were already operating in the country through Locondo’s platform but now they are going to be in charge of digitalizing their physical stores and the logistical management of their company. This way, the Japanese firm is going to help Mango to adapt their strategy in Japan.

In addition, Mango has followed the steps of Inditex and shared their online store management to a third party. From 2017, brands as Mango Man and Mango Kids will be launched in Japan through Locondo’s platforms. In a second phase, Mango will give them the complete control of the development and management of the online store.

Locondo will be in charge of integrating the group in the Japanese market, digitalizing the physical stores and managing logistics operations. What’s more, the firm will introduce new software to manage the sell points: Locosto.