-Andrea Martínez-

This week a desired event by the buyers will be celebrated in Spain and in different parts of the world. It is the Black Friday that will take place on November 25th. This festivity started in EE.UU and it consists in a day inaugurating the Christmas shopping season with significant sales in many retail stores and department stores.

As a complement to this festivity, there is the Cyber Monday which is a day dedicated to Internet shopping and is held on Monday after Thanksgiving.

The perspective that companies have of these days is not as positive as the consumers’ one so firms have to prepare and change its logistics and adapt them to the requirements of these special days and it is not easy to do that.


Yesterday I read an article focused on how firms can prepare the logistics of the online store for Black Friday and Ciber Monday. The key points mentioned of an efficient logistics planning for these days are the following ones:


  • Having a continuous stock control, indicating the number of units remaining and the quantity that it’s necessary to buy.
  • Some staff reinforcement in order to help us prepare the orders and to deliver them as soon as possible
  • Cost of transportation better to charge it apart since we are competing in price with the other companies
  • These days, the delivery time is not a priority for most of the costumers because many of the purchases made are for Christmas gifts.
  • It is important to prolong the return period, at least until after Three Kings Day, and thus costumers will trust more our company.

By doing this, online stores will be in a strong and prepared position when they have to satisfy the demand of the large quantity of consumers. Furthermore, their webpages will be always updated and The failures will be less likely.