-Georgina Mínguez-

Black Friday means an oustanding increase in sales and therefore a need for companies to foresee this and be able to meet demand. Again, there is a crucial area of business that make this possible: logistics.

In these articles, the reality of Black Friday is presented: it is a retailer’s dream but a logistician’s nightmare. Even though the articles are from previous years it is clear that this reality is still present and that with the sustained increase in e-commerce the role of logisticians becomes even more crucial.

One article highlights the importance for marketing, production and logistics to work together in order to take advantage of the Black Friday opportunity without putting too much pressure on supply chains and therefore ending up not meeting the promoted demand and increasing the risk of delayed deliveries.

Retailer’s data needs to be analyzed months in advance in order to be aware of the trends and the most desired poducts which need to have higher inventory levels once Black Friday approaches. Moreover, trackloads and all distribution vehicles should increase for the aforementioned day in order to deliver the products on time.

To cope with this, companies are seeking to oursource inventory management, more technology design and experts in order to improve the combination of packaging, distribution, tracking and responsiveness to requirements. E-commerce has changed the game: now companies need to operate regionally to meet the local market but to meet customer expectation of the e-commerce from all over the world.

All in all, although Black Friday is a clear challenge for logisticians and supply chain managers, it can result in a great success if there is communication and coordination across areas and if the logistics team collects information in advance in order to foresee the increase in demand.