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23 noviembre, 2016

STACK@EASE. Logistics solutions for Airports

-Núria Feliu-

STACK@EASE is an innovative design of the pioneer company in Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) and warehouse automation VANDERLANDE. It is a product that aids loading operations in baggage handling environments. It has recently been implemented in Hong Kong and Heathrow airports. Seguir leyendo “STACK@EASE. Logistics solutions for Airports”


Countdown to Black Friday: From across oceans to store shelves

-Claire van ’t Hof-

I’ve found and summarized an article about Black Friday and because this day almost takes place (November 25), it might be interesting to read. For those who are not familiar with this topic, Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day which has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the United states. Most major retailers have extended opening hours and offer promotional sales. Seguir leyendo “Countdown to Black Friday: From across oceans to store shelves”

One day in Amazon warehouse in Spain

-Carme Pol-


Since July 2012, it exists an Amazon store in Spain. It’s a shed where all the parcels that finally arrive to customers are managed. At the moment only three quarters of the shed is occupied.

The warehouse is like a little town inside, where you have to walk where you are told. Blue areas are for pedestrians and Orange zones for machinery. Pedestrian crossings are painted to access to certain areas without risk. Seguir leyendo “One day in Amazon warehouse in Spain”

MRW increases its size for Christmas!

-Daniel Del Retiro-

Hi guys, in this article I am going to talk about a new policy that MRW has implemented for this Christmas campaign.

As we should know, MRW is one of the most important distribution companies based in Spain. It has more than 60 logistics platforms distributed in 5 countries (Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal and Venezuela) and it is planning to invest more than 60 million euros in order to enlarge and renovate its currently logistic infrastructure in the next 4 years. Seguir leyendo “MRW increases its size for Christmas!”

“A retailer’s dream but a logistician’s nightmare”

-Georgina Mínguez-

Black Friday means an oustanding increase in sales and therefore a need for companies to foresee this and be able to meet demand. Again, there is a crucial area of business that make this possible: logistics. Seguir leyendo ““A retailer’s dream but a logistician’s nightmare””

Mango starts its e-commerce in Japan

-Sandra Maresma-

Hi everybody!

I have found an interesting article about Mango and it is related to the e-commerce topic which we have discussed today in class. The article is the following:

Mango has recently arrived to an agreement with Locondo, an online selling platform which is also going to manage their e-commerce in Japan. Seguir leyendo “Mango starts its e-commerce in Japan”

E-commerce: 5 logistics trends in 2016

-Julie Van Haare Heijmeijer-

E-commerce is still growing steadily and the package volumes keep growing.  Because of this, it is more clearly where the bottlenecks are in the process, therefore innovation is emerging faster than ever.

I will describe 5 trends in the logistics of e-commerce:

  1. The retailer claims the ‘last-mile’

Seguir leyendo “E-commerce: 5 logistics trends in 2016”

Challenges for order picking in e-commerce

-Larissa Risseeuw-

I came across an article about order picking in online businesses, which caught my eye. Therefore, I thought I could share it with you.

Since the huge increase in the use of e-commerce, there are also more challenges for the logistics sector. Managing more (unique), smaller orders, while simultaneously trying to keep up with the high service expectations of the customers, asks for a lot of commitment of the multi-channel retailer. The solutions should namely be cost-efficient, but also flexible and sustainable. For different products, it asks for a different order picking process. Seguir leyendo “Challenges for order picking in e-commerce”

Logistics of Black Friday and Ciber Monday

-Andrea Martínez-

This week a desired event by the buyers will be celebrated in Spain and in different parts of the world. It is the Black Friday that will take place on November 25th. This festivity started in EE.UU and it consists in a day inaugurating the Christmas shopping season with significant sales in many retail stores and department stores.

As a complement to this festivity, there is the Cyber Monday which is a day dedicated to Internet shopping and is held on Monday after Thanksgiving. Seguir leyendo “Logistics of Black Friday and Ciber Monday”

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