-Gerard Oberholzer-

Hello everyone!

I was surfing on Internet and I read such an interesting article that I would really like to share it with you all. It is explained an important new rental agreement in Japan issued by a huge firm in logistics industry.

GLP is a leading provider of modern logistics facilities in China, Japan, Brazil and the United States, with $39 billion property portfolio and 2521 completed properties across 113 cities.

Recently, it has announced the sign of three new rental contracts in Japan. The rented surface is about 50.000 square meters.
Ricoh Logistics System has rented 23.000 square meters in GLP Yokohama, whereas Fuji Logitech has rented 16.000 in GLP Funabashi II. With these agreements, both facilities are rented at 100% of its capacity.

Through GLP Zama, Global Properties Limited has hired 11.000 square meters to a food wholesaler. The facilities for this client are in process but they are expected to finish soon.

Yoshiyuki Chosa, president of GLP Japan, has noted that they all are very happy for these contracts. They see a continuous growth in demand for modern logistics facilities in Tokio due to the constant reset of the supply chain and the decrease in the internal consumption. The high quality of GLP facilities and its strategic location lead to satisfy this demand in an efficient way and help their clients achieve the highest rates of service and efficiency.

GLP is still growing in Asia and just signed a contract with BDC Capital at the end of the last year in order to collaborate for building new logistics facilities.