-Pau Marín-

Hi everyone,

This past October 19, Decathlon, opened a new logistic of 60.000 m² (40.000 m² occupied by a Building and 20.000 m² are parking and space for maneuvers, such as loading and unloading) a center in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, Barcelona.

That warehouse will provide more than 40 stores located in Catalonia, Valencia, and in the Balearic islands. As Decathlon said, this new warehouse will increase their number of operations and improve the efficiency in the Spanish market.

Decathlon decided to relocate his warehouse (38.000 m² out of 40.000 m² belongs to warehouse area), which were in Martorell in Vilafranca, because they wanted to have the warehouse closer to Barcelona’s airport and port. They might have decided the location, perhaps, using the weighted factor method that we have seen in class, valuing more the proximity to the ports.

Furthermore, an area for preparing e-commerce orders is in there, and there are an after sales service office which manages products reparations and maintenance.