-Abel Sánchez-Fortún-

Hello everyone, I’ve chosen this article because it talks about e-commerce, and how it can improve the relationships in the market, and also how can new technologies change the way we perform business.

Last Wednesday (16/11/2016) took place the “VII Jornada del Frío” in Madrid, in which José Morato complained about how the big companies still think like shopkeepers, and that changes in companies regarding the new technologies are way too slow for him.  He spoke about the importance of logistics in the food sector and how e-commerce can bring good solutions for it.

To start, he argues that when selling via internet, the price of the product might be very important, but even more important is the expectation a client has in the buying process.  For example, good logistics in this sector might include refunds.

Another important point he makes, is that in the e-commerce world the size matters, and a lot. That is basically because a mature company probably has good logistics, but meanwhile, when entrepreneurs try to start a business online, they usually have a pretty bad website or a deficient buying process, which cases this big ratio of mortality in e-commerce business.

The share that online selling, according to Morato, can reach in the food industry is about 14%, but nowadays in Spain the share doesn’t reach even the 1%, which is probably caused because big industries still think in a traditional way, because that’s how has been until now and it has worked.

In my opinion, we need to learn about these mistakes that older people makes, and we, as a new generation more in touch with the new technologies, have to take advantages of our skills with these new technologies.