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22 noviembre, 2016

Big companies keep thinking like shopkeepers

-Abel Sánchez-Fortún-

Hello everyone, I’ve chosen this article because it talks about e-commerce, and how it can improve the relationships in the market, and also how can new technologies change the way we perform business.

Last Wednesday (16/11/2016) took place the “VII Jornada del Frío” in Madrid, in which José Morato complained about how the big companies still think like shopkeepers, and that changes in companies regarding the new technologies are way too slow for him.  He spoke about the importance of logistics in the food sector and how e-commerce can bring good solutions for it. Seguir leyendo “Big companies keep thinking like shopkeepers”


Decathlon opens a new logistics building in Barcelona

-Pau Marín-

Hi everyone,

This past October 19, Decathlon, opened a new logistic of 60.000 m² (40.000 m² occupied by a Building and 20.000 m² are parking and space for maneuvers, such as loading and unloading) a center in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, Barcelona.

That warehouse will provide more than 40 stores located in Catalonia, Valencia, and in the Balearic islands. As Decathlon said, this new warehouse will increase their number of operations and improve the efficiency in the Spanish market. Seguir leyendo “Decathlon opens a new logistics building in Barcelona”

Global Logistics Properties Limited (GLP) rents 50.000 square meters in Tokio

-Gerard Oberholzer-

Hello everyone!

I was surfing on Internet and I read such an interesting article that I would really like to share it with you all. It is explained an important new rental agreement in Japan issued by a huge firm in logistics industry.

GLP is a leading provider of modern logistics facilities in China, Japan, Brazil and the United States, with $39 billion property portfolio and 2521 completed properties across 113 cities. Seguir leyendo “Global Logistics Properties Limited (GLP) rents 50.000 square meters in Tokio”

Three big shipping companies of Japan are going to join containers operations

-Gerard Oberholzer-

Hi guys,

I have just found an interesting article that I would really like to share it with you all regarding the sea transport in large-scale.

The three biggest shipping lines of Japan, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Nippon Yusen and Kawasaki Kisen are combining their operations in containers transport to face the worsening of business conditions because of the fall in international commerce. Seguir leyendo “Three big shipping companies of Japan are going to join containers operations”

-Nicholas Connell-

Proposed exercise: 

John, a small business owner is trying to figure out the best possible routing options for his deliveries. The trucks have a capacity of 65 items and deliveries need to be made to six clients in the area. Use the following demand and distance information to create routes for John. (más…)

-Paola Sancho-

Proposed exercise:


Proposed solution: paola-exercise-seminar-4


Laura Garcia Blazquez-

Proposed exercise: 

A company has 4 distribution centers and plans to open a new central warehouse. The volume and the center coordinates of each distribution are indicated in the table. Using the gravity center method, what are the coordinates of the new store? (más…)

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