-Ayoub Belouafi Bakhat-

The autonomous car is the next step to the electric car. Currently, this kind of transport is under important tests that control its software response to the environment.

The discussion generated by these cars are about safety and employment. Some critics says that the software cannot assume the responsibility of taking decisions under life or death situations. Furthermore, professional drivers are worried about how the situation will evolve and the impact on their jobs.

This new technology changes completely the way we transport people form a point to another. It is a 24 hours’ service that can be updated thanks to an adaptable and upgradable software.

Uber is testing its autonomous cars in Pittsburg during this last term of the year. They think that this kind of cars have the potential to reduce traffic accidents; furthermore, they are convinced that a 24 hours’ service of this cars will require more employers for maintenance tasks.

For now, the plan of Uber is to offer a free service inside Pittsburg, but in the future Uber plans to offer transportation service to the airport by using autonomous cars. It also plans to substitute its 1,5 million drivers by these autonomous cars.

I think that this transportation system will be a revolution inside the sector of transporting people, but there is a long way of discussions and political initiatives to regulate the software decisions under certain circumstances.

Do you think that in dangerous situations, the control of the car must be delegate to a driver?

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