-Ayoub Belouafi Bakhat-

We all have been driving through the highway and have seen huge trucks transporting merchandise. The principal limitation is that there is a legal maximum size that these trucks cannot exceed.

For the transporting industry, it is a handicap, because they must move more trucks to supply the demand.

But Germany started to use megatrucks to supply the cross-border demand. This new way of transportation has the support of the Federal Transportation Ministry.

There is a debate about this kind of transport; European Union is limiting seriously this kind of transport and its distribution area (cross-border, only inside the country, occasional issues…). Although EU has been clear about megatrucks, some other European countries are starting to use them and allowing this kind of transportation by law.

An example of this is Spain, that in 2015 approved the law PRE/2788/2015, that regulates megatrucks transportation characteristics.

I think that is interesting to discuss the impact of this kind of transportation to our highways and roads. They should pay more taxes? In what extent is dangerous for car drivers? In what extent is beneficial for us?

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