-Eloi Castillo-

I have found a really interesting video of Mecalux, a company that  is dedicated to automatize warehouses and all the processes inside the warehouse .

In this example , they are automatizing a warehouse for Trumpler that is a chemical company and they explain how they have found solution to the problems that Trumpler was facing.



Mecalux is a local company with head office in Cornellà de Llobregat, it has a lot of well-known clients as:  Cepsa, Renault, Porcelanosa or Dulcesol. They are working and creating innovation in two ways: as I said in the automatization of the warehouse processes, now they are working in the development of Pallets Shuttle and also in the expansion of IT technology in logistics as they have created a software for the management of warehouses called Easy WMS.

In conclusion, the automatization of the warehouse has produced a lot of benefits for Trumpler as quick response, more pallets can be in the warehouses, reducing costs , optimizing all the space available and more control of the stocks.

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