-Carles Salvador-

In this article I want to talk mainly the performance of companies engaged in sending all kinds of items in the countries, and how they communicate with each other.

In the last three years international shipments have declined by about fifty million, which has hurt companies that engage in these shipments. As these companies face this drop in “demand”? Easy: being more competitive to take the largest market share. Clearly about sending cards is in decline because of email. So this increase competitiveness should be in the package delivery: either by offering the fastest shipments or cheaper shipping costs. Both strategies can be performed through the improved logistics.



The companies that have improved their logistics system and thus have won most of the market share are mainly: Singapore Post, Ups, Austria Post, Poste Italiane, DHL and FedEx. Clear evidence of this is that these companies have a 75% market share.

Therefore we conclude that an efficient transport system can make a company more competitive because through this efficiency reduces costs. Thus, if the price is the same as the company has more profit per unit, or if the price is lowered, the company has more benefit by increasing clientele.