-Paola Sancho-

Alsa is a Spanish passenger transport company has launched in Madrid a combined ticket called “AlsaCub”. This new service is a door – to – door transport service that combines the bus trip with the car journeys to or from the station.

The company has launched this service having a partnership with Respiro, a car rental company, to offer new routes to the final destination of its customers.

The price of the car transfer from the destination to the bus station will range from 6 to 24€, added to the price of the ticket bus. In order to be as competitive as possible, they offer the option of sharing the car with other passengers.

ALSA has announced that this new service aims to respond to new mobility needs and also provide comfort in the called “last mile” for travel.

From the moment they offer this service in the two main bus stations of Madrid and the transfers must be within the M-30 (the main road of Madrid).

The company plans to gradually extend this service to transfers beyond the M-30 of Madrid and other Spanish cities as Barcelona.

In order to understand the logistics behind this service it is interesting to see what kind of requirements customers must follow to contract it.

  •   Alsa travelers interested in buying a combined ticket to make an intermodal journey can buy it either through the company’s website or at the ticket offices of the bust stations or in the sales phones.
  •   Passenger must buy this service at least 48 hours before the date of travel.
  •   For the trips from the traveler’s home to the bus station, the company will contact the passengers the day before the trip to confirm the director and the time of the transfers and the trip.

So, as we can see, Alsa plans the door- to- door service at least 48 hours before the travel, and to ensure that customers still want to contract this service, they call them 24 hours before the date.

They ask for this advanced purchasing in order to be able to plan the route the cars will do to transfer from the bus station to the customers’ home. The company wants to maximize the customer’s satisfaction, keeping as low as possible the costs and reducing the total distance travelled

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