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21 noviembre, 2016

Alsa launches a ‘door to door’ ticket

-Paola Sancho-

Alsa is a Spanish passenger transport company has launched in Madrid a combined ticket called “AlsaCub”. This new service is a door – to – door transport service that combines the bus trip with the car journeys to or from the station.

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Mecalux automatizes Trumpler’s Warehouse

-Eloi Castillo-

I have found a really interesting video of Mecalux, a company that  is dedicated to automatize warehouses and all the processes inside the warehouse . Seguir leyendo “Mecalux automatizes Trumpler’s Warehouse”


-Ayoub Belouafi Bakhat-

We all have been driving through the highway and have seen huge trucks transporting merchandise. The principal limitation is that there is a legal maximum size that these trucks cannot exceed. Seguir leyendo “Megatrucks”

Uber and the autonomous car (transporting people)

-Ayoub Belouafi Bakhat-

The autonomous car is the next step to the electric car. Currently, this kind of transport is under important tests that control its software response to the environment.

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Digital Banking: Selfies to Open Bank Accounts

-Alicia Chiang-

Spanish BBVA Bank puts in motion a new system of immediate registration in which operating with a mobile phone device a person will be able to open new bank account and its identity will be verified by taking a selfie!  Seguir leyendo “Digital Banking: Selfies to Open Bank Accounts”


-María Parcerisa-

It was in 1903 when “gringos” fulfilled one of their dreams: communicate the Atlantic and the Pacific sea through a waterway that allows avoiding the thousands of kilometers that surround South America by the Cape Horn.

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Analytics and Logistics Optimization at UPS

-Carles Salvador-

In this article I want to talk mainly the performance of companies engaged in sending all kinds of items in the countries, and how they communicate with each other.

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6th Aecoc Supply Chain Congress

-Laura Garcia Blazquez-

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share with you all some interesting information about the congress that is held the next November 22nd of 2016 in Madrid, it is called “6°Congreso Aecoc de Supply Chain”.

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