-Andrea Martínez-

Yesterday a read a piece of news in an Spanish newspaper that talks about Inditex, which is one of the biggest multinational companies. This company has surprised me once again with its originality.

Most people think that the alarms that the different Zara clothes carry have the function to avoid the robberies but the reality is that they do not only serve for that.

This article explains that the alarms include a chip with information about the product that allows the company to know where their thousands of products are until their sale.

The system that hides the alarm is an RFID antenna, that is, a radio frequency technology which helps the company to know everything that goes into and out of the store, the details of each garment sold (and to know instantly its success in the market) and when the alarms are removed, the system automatically orders the cash register that adds the codes of those garments to the list of products that the customer is going to pay.

Then, once the alarm is removed by the clerk, it goes to a box. The information it contains will be deleted. And again it will enter the system: it will be sent to a factory, to accompany a new garment

We can take this system as an example of how big data can be obtained through an easy and unknown method and can be used to optimize your distribution and delivery services.