-Alan Kazidis-

The name of the software is “Premonition”, a system which helps online retailers and shipping companies meet their consumer expectations while improving their sustainable supply chains.

The company started as a start-up in Australia in 2011 and it employs 9 just employees. Ever since it has received help from companies such as Microsoft and has recently managed significantly reducing the kilometres (by 5-15% per day) on the Australian roads by optimising the deployment of the vehicles on it.

Premonition’s technology sophisticated as it can reroute various vehicles at the same time based upon various factors such as “changed traffic conditions, weather, delivery windows, incoming orders and returns, truck capacity, a driver’s final destination and consumer requests such as redirected parcels.” It adds information as soon as it becomes available and it solves problems before they have even occurred.

The founders see the logistics as a service to the customers whose demands have increased in terms of where & when they want their products and they have visualised the urgency of adapting it in a more sustainable network of logistics.

Premonition has long term future plans such as working with cities to reduce traffic, improve loading zones and incentivise companies to meet tighter delivery windows.

Sustainability is a growing trend nowadays as customers are more aware of the situation and want to take action. Logistics companies used to invisible in the past due to the ignorance of environmental issues. However, this situation is changing rapidly and companies such as Premonition which want to make a difference in this world could be an inspiration for larger companies and hopefully our world could see positive changes taking place soon.

Hope you enjoy the article and maybe have sustainability grow on you a little more!