-Alejandro Caules-

Hi everyone,

I have just found this article about IAG cargo and I wanted to share it with all of you. First of all, as this company is not very known, an introduction must be added before start talking about the article.

IAG cargo was found in 2011 by British Airways cargo and Iberia cargo when the two companies merged. The IAG means International Airlines Group and this company is dedicated to merchandise transport by offering freight transportation all around the world to more than 350 locations in 80 different countries. They count with two global hubs located in the airport of London (Heathrow) and the other one is located in Spain (Barajas airport).

The article talks about a new and modernized fleet program due to British Airways have incorporated two new aircraft models to its fleet, the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A 380.

As the article says, the B787 is a new model that offers a bigger cargo capacity and furthermore has a fuel capacity 25% larger than any other plane of this size which will allow IAG cargo increase capacity and control costs in a more efficient way.

On the other hand we find the A380 model which is characterized by the optimisation of their belly-hold cargo and moreover by the improvement of the maximum take-off weight which now will be 12 tonnes heavier than the other planes.

With this two new models, IAG cargo will have an immediate improvement of their logistics due to the facilities that this aircraft will provide. In the exact words of the article, this will help them in: “provide long-term capacity for business across de world”. By doing this they pretend to be company that gives the best levels of customer’s service.