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20 noviembre, 2016

How to take advantage of drones in the logistics industry?

-Neus Guash-

Hi everyone!!

Yesterday I found a really interesting article about drones. As the article is in Spanish here I put a summary of the information it contains:

More and more home delivery companies use drones to reach their customers’ homes and distribute orders. These unmanned aerial vehicles have begun to conquer logistic transport, although there are still threads to tie and issues to solve. Seguir leyendo “How to take advantage of drones in the logistics industry?”


Wal-Mart Plans to Crack Chinese Market by Delivering Within Hours

-Nicholas Connel-

Continuing with my theme of Walmart articles I recently found a piece by Bloomberg Technology detailing Wal-Mart’s intent to become a major player in China. China, according to CEO Doug McMillon, is unlike any other country “given the growth rate of the market itself and the consumer demand [there].” Seguir leyendo “Wal-Mart Plans to Crack Chinese Market by Delivering Within Hours”

BA launches IAG Cargo development programme

-Alejandro Caules-

Hi everyone,

I have just found this article about IAG cargo and I wanted to share it with all of you. First of all, as this company is not very known, an introduction must be added before start talking about the article.

IAG cargo was found in 2011 by British Airways cargo and Iberia cargo when the two companies merged. The IAG means International Airlines Group and this company is dedicated to merchandise transport by offering freight transportation all around the world to more than 350 locations in 80 different countries. Seguir leyendo “BA launches IAG Cargo development programme”

Uber for couriers: Australian logistics software promises to minimise traffic and emissions

-Alan Kazidis-

The name of the software is “Premonition”, a system which helps online retailers and shipping companies meet their consumer expectations while improving their sustainable supply chains.

The company started as a start-up in Australia in 2011 and it employs 9 just employees. Ever since it has received help from companies such as Microsoft and has recently managed significantly reducing the kilometres (by 5-15% per day) on the Australian roads by optimising the deployment of the vehicles on it. Seguir leyendo “Uber for couriers: Australian logistics software promises to minimise traffic and emissions”

What is inside Zara alarm chips?

-Andrea Martínez-

Yesterday a read a piece of news in an Spanish newspaper that talks about Inditex, which is one of the biggest multinational companies. This company has surprised me once again with its originality.

Most people think that the alarms that the different Zara clothes carry have the function to avoid the robberies but the reality is that they do not only serve for that. Seguir leyendo “What is inside Zara alarm chips?”

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