-Neus Guash-

Hello everyone!

As we talk in class Ikea optimize costs by completely reduce the empty space on their pallets. I have searched for more information about them and I found that apart from transporting just products without empty space, they are not the typical wooden pallets.

In 2012, Ikea launched an intelligent alternative to replace the traditional wooden pallets used in the transport and storage of products by loading ledges pallets of recycled paperboard.

Loading Ledges invented by Ikea are made of polypropylene plastic, a material that can be recycled countless times. Instead of being rigid platforms, such as those of pallets, these platforms are flexible and they can expand and contract according to the size of the load. They size and shape are perfectly adapted to the containers, so that the loading units can be handled easily with forklifts. Moreover, as the platforms weigh little, the containers support two tons more weight than the traditional wooden pallets.

Finally, another important point is that the removal of the wooden pallets avoids having to carry voluminous and empty pallets back in the supply chain. It is a huge initiative to move towards sustainability reducing costs at the same time.

Here I also attach a link about OptiLedge a company which has this technology available for businesses outside of Ikea. In their webpage, there are some videos and information which I found very interesting about these pallets.