-Núria Feliu-

CHEP is an Australian based company characterized for their leading role in the supply of pallets and containers for all types of industries; from Aerospace to Fresh Food.

Recently, the company has been awarded with the “Gold Recognition Level” for EcoVadis (a rating company for sustainability and improvements in environmental areas). The recognition comes because of the specific Professional Practices the Aussie company enhances. Such practices are very well sorted in:

  • Their Collaborative Transport Program, which reduces CO emissions.
  • Innovation and eco transportation solutions

Regarding the last one, they have created the semi plastic pallet. This new validated and sustainable design improves transportation in certain aspects.

The material that creates the new pallet (100% recycled plastic), brings durability, hygiene and lightweight, regarding storage and transportation processes.

For high hygiene-sensitive industries such as food manufacturers, it increases the standards, with the possibility to wash and decontaminate the pallet and reduces the risk of damage, because of their non-porous surface that avoids contamination and odours.

Plastic Semi-Pallets; because of their half homologated size, are capable of bringing logistic efficiencies for industries and sectors with small cargo size and environment benefits because of their high durability and easy recycle process.

Should CHEP competitors such as NELSON, or BACHE PALLETS take similar initiatives in order to lead the way towards a more sustainable transportation process?