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19 noviembre, 2016

Black Friday will increment its revenues 13% more in e-commerce

-Laura Garcia-

Hi everyone!

I have found an interesting article about Black Friday. As everybody knows, Black Friday has its origin in United States where you can get great deals on goods that may eventually become Christmas presents. In this way, companies can give a boost in their sales and improve their economies. Seguir leyendo “Black Friday will increment its revenues 13% more in e-commerce”


4 important supply chain choices for e-commerce businesses

-Puck Blom-

This article discusses 4 important supply chain choices for e-commerce businesses. On average, the supply chain costs are around 20 to 30% for e-commerces with inventory. This means that reducing these costs is extremely determinative for the profit margin. Seguir leyendo “4 important supply chain choices for e-commerce businesses”

Efficient Loading Ledges invented by Ikea

-Neus Guash-

Hello everyone!

As we talk in class Ikea optimize costs by completely reduce the empty space on their pallets. I have searched for more information about them and I found that apart from transporting just products without empty space, they are not the typical wooden pallets. Seguir leyendo “Efficient Loading Ledges invented by Ikea”

CHEP. Creating efficiency in transportation, The Semi Plastic Pallet

-Núria Feliu-

CHEP is an Australian based company characterized for their leading role in the supply of pallets and containers for all types of industries; from Aerospace to Fresh Food.

Recently, the company has been awarded with the “Gold Recognition Level” for EcoVadis (a rating company for sustainability and improvements in environmental areas). The recognition comes because of the specific Professional Practices the Aussie company enhances. Seguir leyendo “CHEP. Creating efficiency in transportation, The Semi Plastic Pallet”

Amazon’s Logistics costs over the last years

-Pau Marín-

Hi, recently I read an article talking about amazon’s costs in their logistics.

First of all, Amazon is one of the biggest enterprises in e-commerce due to, basically, the buying experience they offer, in other words, due to their logistics, due to their unique delivery service, which is faster and sometimes cheaper  compared with the competition. But obviously such an extraordinary service isn’t for free. Seguir leyendo “Amazon’s Logistics costs over the last years”

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